Heart Touching Status & Quotes In English 2018


(1)When I Tell You That I’Ll Miss You, It Doesn’T Mean I’Ll Never Get Over You. It Just Means I Wish I Didn’T Have To.

(2) For Everything You Have Missed, You Have Gained Something Else, And For Everything You Gain, You Lose Something Else.

(3) Whenever I Miss You, I Close My Eyes & Go Back In Memory Lane & Live Those Moments Again .When It Was Just..You & Me……..

(4) I Planned To Tell You All The Bad Things Why I Am Mad At You

.….But In The End, U Just Want To Tell You. I Missed You.

(5) I Admit, I Really Miss How Things Used To Be. But I Can Also Admit, That I’Ve Accepted The Fact That Things Have Changed.

(6) You Can Miss Someone Who Dies, You Can Miss Someone Who Moved Away, But The Worst Is When You Miss Someone You See Everyday..

(7) Distance In Relationship Can Cause You To Miss Someone So Much That It Helps You To Realize How Much That Person Means To You.>

(8)There’s No Need To Be Apart From You For A Thousand Miles To Miss You. Theres No Need To Be Apart From You For A Period Of Time To Miss You. I Just Miss You.

(9) When I Tell You That I’Ll Miss You, It Doesn’T Mean I’Ll Never Get Over You. It Just Means I Wish I Didn’T Have To…

(10)I Miss You A Little, I Guess You Could Say, A Little Too Much, A Little Too Often, And A Little More Each Day.

(11)I Am Waiting And Hoping….And Wishing For The Time, When We Can Be Together Again. Missing You A Lot.

(12)I Just Wondered How You Are And If You Miss Me At All….Because I Miss You. A Lot !!!

(13) I Planned To Say A Lot Of Things To You, But In The End All I Could Muster Up Was. I Miss You.

(14) I’Ll Miss You Until You Come Back But I Hope You’Ll Make Up For It By Getting Me Awesome Gifts.

(15) I Want To Say. I Miss You. But It Wouldn’T Change Anything So I’Ll Just Keep Pretending I Don’T.

(16)When I Miss You, It Seems Every Song I Listen To Is About You.

(17) You May Be Out Of My Sight But Never Out Of My Mind. I Miss You.

(18) The Worst Part Of Missing You Is Not Knowing If You Miss Me Too.

(19) Come And Kiss This Pain Away. I Am Alone Without You. I Miss You.

(20) There’S Not A Single Moment In The Whole Day, When I Don’T Miss You.

(21) When I Close My Eyes, I See You. When I Open My My Eyes, I Miss You.

(22) If You Start To Mess Me, Remember, I Didn’t Walkaway. You Let Me Go.

(23) I Wish That You Were Here Or I Were There Or We Were Together Anywhere.

(24)If You Think Missing Me Is Hard. Try Missing You.

(25) Missing Someone Is The Worst Feeling In The World.

(26) I Miss You. I Don’T Know What Else There Is To Say.

(27) I Just Wish I Am Kissing Her Instead Of Missing Her.

(28) I Miss The Time When I Actually Meant Something To You.

(29) In A Sea Of People, My Eyes Will Always Search For You.

(30)I Feel Like An Idiot For Missing You.

(31) Its Not Enough To Say That I Miss You.

(32) I Will Stop Missing You When I Am With You.

(33) I Miss You Like A Squirrel Misses His Nuts.

(34) I Hate To Admit It But I’Ll Always Miss You.

(35) You Make Me Miss You Like There’S No Tomorrow.

(36) After All This Time, I Still Miss You, Everyday.

(37)Earth weights 6.6 septilion tons.
Don’t make it heavier by carrying Tensions & Heavy heart!
Laugh a lot, hate less, Love much & Enjoy every moment.

(38)Money cant buy happiness but some how its more comfortable to cry in a BMW than on a cycle!

Never take help of tears to show ur emotions..&
Never take help of words to show ur anger..

(40)Everything in life has a beautiful ending..
If its not beautiful, then believe me its not d end!
Its just d begining of something more beautiful

(41)Touching SMS ¬ Special Friend means ¬

S= So Cool
P= Personable
E= Exciting
C= Cheers me up
I= Intelligent
A= Adorable
L= Loving
F= Funy
R= Reliable
I= Incredible humourus
E= Enjoyable.
N= Nice
D= Dependable

S= Simple this is 4 U

(41)Touching Line 4 my dear ones :-

A request to my specials –
I trust you blindly..
Please. . . . never prove me


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