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Very Important Shorts quotes in english

Just because nobody complains doesn`t mean all parachutes are perfect. – Benny Hill If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor. – Ludwig Boltzmann Charm is a way of getting the answer yes without having asked any clear question. – Albert Camus All passions lead

Heart Touching Status & Quotes In English 2018

TOP 20 + 21 STATUS & QUOTES IN ENGLISH:- (1)When I Tell You That I’Ll Miss You, It Doesn’T Mean I’Ll Never Get Over You. It Just Means I Wish I Didn’T Have To. (2) For Everything You Have Missed, You Have Gained Something Else, And For Everything You Gain,


Top Collection of Whatsapp Status 2018

ONE LINEAR WHATSAPP STATUS COLLECTION:- हम जैसे सिरफिरे ही इतिहास रचते हैं !समझदार तो केवल इतिहास पढ़ते हैं !! बहुत दूर तक सोचना चाहिये जुदाई के पहले जुदाई के बाद हुकूमत दिल्ली का ख्वाब है पर आरा भी लाजवाब है अगर मुम्बांई कि लड़की सवाब हैतो हम आरा के लड़के